Saturday, November 13, 2010

Submerge Your Senses

Looking at beautiful pictures of sceneries and close your eyes and imagine yourself standing there, looking at it. :D It's one of the best ways to travel without actually physically doing it. And it's inexpensive!

Does your brain sometimes link an image to a music and a video? I know mine does, sometimes. Today's submerge of senses involves this lovely pic:

And this lovely song:

Maybe it's the similarity of hues in the video? I dunno, but I love associating pictures and songs. Both of them combined is guaranteed to transport you to another place and time. Today I'll be spending the evening-in-my-mindspace on that dusky Brighton beach looking at the lights and sounds of the pier in awe while letting Vanilla Twilight wash over me~

Any submersive experience to share? Share it! :D

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