Sunday, November 14, 2010


I tell ya when I'm obsessed with something, I obsess over it real bad.

Really. Really. Bad.

Right now, I'm obsessing over these two innocent objects:

Deco panel beaded shift dress from Topshop. Retailing for 40GBP.

This amazing clutch from Asos. 26GBP.

So amazing. Embellished well enough so you don't need to add on any accessories. And of course I gotta find a pair of lovely heels to go with them... here's one:

Louboutin heels. 800.43GBP zomg

OMG... nooo... not gonna obsess about teh shoes.... NOT GONNA OBSESS ABOUT IT TOO.....! >.<''''

Thank you for putting up with annoying me. Here's a little song for y'all.

What the fuck was I thinking indeed... obsessing over girly things all of a sudden... T__T

If you empathise, or like the stuff I write about... erm... comment ya! You have no idea how much it would make my day. Even menial comments like 'eh', 'meh', or 'you suck'. At least I know that there are people who care about what I blab about. Or not... hmmm. Your choice. XP

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