Monday, November 15, 2010

An Old-Fashioned Musical, Anyone?

Reading about Moulin Rouge and recently watching 2005's King Kong and sudden bursting out into a She & Him song has just put a crazy idea into my head.

It's been awhile since the days of movies like Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady, Singin' In the Rain, West Side Story and the like. Musicals with a simple story, a hero or/and heroine to root for, just that. So I have just got myself a crazy idea in my head for one!

*cue dramatic orchestra music*

It's the swinging fifties! A young, wide-eyed girl with a dream and a lovely but unusual voice packs up her bags and moves to New York City after her last living relative, her grandmama, passes away and leaves her with enough money to start small in the big city. Her dream is to sing and dance her heart out on Broadway. But with pesky investors, snobbish producers, demanding directors, and overreacting divas standing in her way, will she ever find the 'true heart's desire' that she wants deep inside?

*moar dramatic orchestra music*

And that's it! All kinds of corny, cheesy. Who shall I cast? :D

Why, none other than Miss Zooey Deschanel herself of course:

And what would a musical be without some romance? How about multiple love interests, all vying for Ms. Deschanel's attention. 8-D

Lee Pace

James Franco

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (duh!)

Shouldn't be too hard to figure out who Ms. Deschanel's character will choose, right? ;)

Oh for the day when I can write again~

Meanwhile, here's the cute little vid that inspired this silly wishful-thinking post: 

How can anyone say no to a whole-lotta Zooey-Joe goodness? >8-D