Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Les macarons et Paris

I've been seeing macarons just about everywhere lately! One way or another someone's blogging about the wonderful macarons they've had whether as a treat or at a wedding.

The famous Parisian macarons of Ladurée

Moar macarons.

Macarons from SoBinique's blog

Pretty macarons all in a row.

These look very darkly tempting...

And of course who can forget the jaw-droppingly awesome
macaron tower from Alix's wedding?

Look at the fireworks go!

Here's a yummy and very charming video by Louis Vuitton on where to find the best patisseries in Paris. <3 It's all in French, but I'm sure the love for pretty and droolworthy desserts transcends language barriers. ;)

And of course you can't think about macarons without thinking about the city of its origin: Paris.

Now, just imagine yourself in a quaint, antique tearoom in Paris drenched in romantic dim yellow light with a plate of macarons and a dainty cup of strong espresso reading Guy de Maupassant while this plays in the background:
Madame Piaf, je vous adore~

Does anyone know where to get some in KL? If anyone has ever had a macaron before... let me know how it tastes like! They look just so darn temptingly yummy. And of course, I get to pretend that I got a slice of Parisian life just by tasting it~

Pictures from SoBinique

Ah Paris, je rêve de toi... <3

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  1. macarons! i bought some in bakerzin, singapore, i'm not sure if the malaysian branch has it or does it taste like...hmm, on the first bite i thought it tasted sweet (personally i felt it was a lil bit too sweet for my liking, but maybe laduree would taste better :), and my second thought was by the time i finish the whole box, 6 of them, i would have had a sugar high :p)
    it's basically 2 colorful pieces (flavored) of biscuits ( not as crunchy as biscuits..hmm, shortbread maybe, the texture is kind of unique), and in the middle is the cream(flavored also, which i think is the best part), it's like some sort of special stuff to put the 2 pieces together, you know? no special cream=no macaron :)