Monday, November 1, 2010

My Name Is *insert name here* Hey Hello!

Welcome to my very own blawg! (I blame the totally awesome Kilplix for infecting me with this spelling).

Now you may all wonder why I have chosen to start a blawg in the midst of finals (Antimicrobial Therapy tomorrow...yay!) Truth is, I've given up... totally and utterly stuffed what I could while I could. Facebook is not a conducive place to vent (limited status characters). Twitter, takyah cakap. And I haven't been writing for aaaaages (real dinosaur ages). Hopefully keeping a blawg can make me interested in writing fiction again.

Story ideas abound in my head, running around and climbing cabinets and toppling lampstands and emptying pantries and smearing paint on the walls like unruly little children in Enid Blyton stories, but unfortunately this mummy here has not the strength to tame them all. May this blawg vest its authoritative power upon me to discipline them into useful peo- erm, productive ideas.

Just to give you an idea about the useless things I like to crap about: random stuff, food (zomg zomg NUTELLAAA and marmalade), music, movies, books, clothes, things that annoy me, and pharmacy-related stuff (you actually believe the last one? hahaha-ha-ha!).

So ok la, kalo nak baca, baca la... if not then buhbye, tenkiu for your time, and I'll see you when I see ya... or not. Bye!

Ni hah, your reward for stopping by:

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