Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hollywood seems to think that these days, a boy and a girl can't be friends without one way or another falling for each other. It seems that one can't seek solace with the other unless, UNLESS there's something going on between the two!

Look at No Strings Attached, Friends With Benefits, Made of Honour, heck, just look at the most prominent of them all: My Best Friend's Wedding. (Okay, there have been exceptions, I admit, such as Rabbit Hole). You KNOW from the title that somehow the protagonist is  going to be romantically linked to her best friend instead of, you know, trying to be supportive and banishing wedding jitters and all...

So as per usual, the ignorant keeper of this blog has decided, in all cock-surety, to go ahead and create a story that no one will care about, to set this matter right. It's going to be about:

*dun dun dun*

PLATONIC relationships!

I can hear boos all the way from this side of the Internet.

Basically it's going to be about a guy and a girl who meet and befriend each other through a Befrienders-esque group. Both are going through a bout of depression: the guy because his long-time on-and-off girlfriend has left him for a longer period of time than she usually would and has actually gotten together with another man; the girl because she's terribly in love with an older man who doesn't have the courage to be with her because of his age and keeps hanging on to his older-than-our-heroine-of-course girlfriend, who he coincidentally, loves very much, perhaps more than our heroine. Career-wise, the guy is a somewhat recognised professional photographer while the girl works in a law firm as a paralegal where said love-of-her-life also works, as a lawyer.

As I have no clear predisposition (whether for the positive or negative) for this story yet, I'm just going to throw in a filler there and say that this story will be all about how they help each other cope with crises at work, in love, life in general and well, lift each other out of the depression they're suffering.

Yes, it's going to be plotless, i.e. terribly boring.

Now we get to the best part - dreamcasting! (or fancasting, or whatever you call it!)

Our guy and girl:


By casting two people with considerable age gaps, it kind of-sorta-maybe reduces the audiences' expectations of our two protagonists to move from platonic to romantic. Because, you know, you have to believe that our guy is really really in love with that long-time girlfriend of his (she's his muse, and everything!) and our girl is also really really in love with - I trust you get the picture.

Now let's move on by casting the 'love interests':

Monica Bellucci

Eric Dane

Ryan Reynolds

In case you haven't figured it out yet, Ms. Bellucci will play our guy's flame, Mr. Dane will play our girl's older lover that she can't get over, and Mr. Reynolds will play the guy that tries to court our girl. 

Oh and did I mention that this story takes place in the great city of NYC?

Well I certainly don't see any such thing worthy of lift-off anytime soon, so I'll just stow my hopes and dreams away and continue dreaming....

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