Sunday, December 12, 2010

When Surreal Things Happen to People in Business Suits

I'm a bit intrigued by fantastical/science fiction/surreal things happening to people who are immaculately dressed in business attire. The premise, to me, seems more fantastic than normal because fantastic things don't happen to people who wear their sharply-tailored suits, the image of which usually ties one's imagination and opinion to cold, hard reality.

The first movie that comes to mind is none other than Inception.

And the number one image to perfectly sum up what got me thinking of that is:

Another movie that has the same surrealist/fantastic premise that occurs to men and women in business suits is a Brit flick released this year, Exam. The plot: a bunch of men and women applying for the same job are required to take an exam in a locked room, but the exam consists of a blank page and a pencil, and they are not allowed to utilise either one.

Sounds good? I've yet to sit down and watch it though I possess it. I should remedy it soon. =P

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