Friday, January 14, 2011

Back to Basics

Lately I've been really inspired by people who are able to throw on a couple of basic pieces of clothing and still look chic. I'm even more inspired by Olivia Wilde's outfits in House MD. All she wore were, basically, basics, and in my opinion she's outstyled even Cuddy.

Also, I am a great admirer of The Sartorialist and his knack for finding and shooting people who look effortlessly stylish in very simple pieces of clothing. You don't have to be elaborate to be fashionable and that's what his brand of street style is all about. And I love it.

(psst, not all images from The Sartorialist though :P)

Chinese New Year is coming around the corner, and yes, I have done my CNY shopping, thank you very much. But since 'tis the season to shop and I already have my obligatory red pieces... I think I shall seize the opportunity to tackle this style of clothing that I have admired for so long; in other words, come up with a shopping list. :)

1. Basic tank top (several muted colours)

2. Long sleeved top

3. Cardigan

4. Skinny fit trousers / Leggings

5. Leather jacket

6.  Moar tights

Ah, one can dream, can't she? :P

Meanwhile, here's moar musicgasm:

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